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God help us. said...

Worse than Hillary, if there can be worse we have . Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist who does not believe in private property and wants the government to run your life. And, if that was not bad enough, we have Hillary Clinton; a corrupt, liar, whose is all about cronyism and Marxism. She can’t be trusted to preserve national security and everything she touched in foreign affairs turned to crap. Or as Carly Fiorina pointed out, “Flying around the world is an activity, not an accomplishment.”

Sick of Liberal's and Progressive's said...

The progressive's are ruining our country and the Muslim loving freedom hating president Barak Hussein Osama is the leader of our ruination. We need Donald Trump to clean up the mess the libards have made of this GREAT country. I stuck to the subject of this post. are you goning to delete me again?

Joe said...

Anonymous God help us: You didn't even watch the video. You have no idea what it was about and you can't comment relevantly.

Anonymous Sick of Liberal's and Progressive's: Just out of curiosity, why do you use the possessive in the words "liberals" and "progressive?"

In what way is "Muslim loving freedom hating..." (which needed a comma, by the way) on topic?

The extreme misuse of grammar by uneducated bores helps give conservatives a bad reputation and opens them up to charges of stupidity. Is that what you want?

And if you can't stick to the subject (or apparently even recognize it), you will be deleted.

And this is my blog. I will delete whomever I feel like deleting.

Just Me said...

Every time there is an act of terrorism committed in the name of Islam we are told we’re not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few Muslim crazies, but the acts of a few American crazies are enough for damned near the entire Liberal Left to condemn ALL Americans who own guns.

Regarding the shooting today Hillary Clinton said, We Cannot Wait Any Longer to End Gun Violence. Well, OK Miss Know it All, just what do YOU have in YOUR little bag of tricks that will end gun violence?
Can anyone besides me see the hypocrisy of that statement?
Putting aside the fact that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt liar who is most likely to be indicted rather than assume the Presidency, it is no wonder her dishonesty spills over into gun control..
Now Hillary Clinton isn’t stupid and she certainly knows that it is the individual behind the gun that is the problem, not a piece of steel called a “gun” And she also knows that you cannot protect yourself from crazies, sicko’s and criminals; or rely on law enforcement to be where ever you need them, when you need them? And there is one thing that I know and that’s you do not disarm a law-abiding, gun licensed honest American citizen, because of crazies, sicko’s and criminals!
But the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called for “More Gun Control”, Yes, Hillary wants to politicize the shooting in Virginia. She never lets a shooting stand in her way to campaign.
Is Hillary that dishonest and gutless to recognize that we could reduce gun violence significantly by demanding that the thugs street gang and yes illegal immigrants who are responsible for most of these crime in this country be disarmed first?

Or is that too radical a suggestion because it goes against the progressive socialist democrat culture of ignoring victims and treating perpetrators leniently as if they were “society’s victims?” Because it interferes with the progressive socialist democrat plan to create even more victims to be exploited for political purposes?

How can we allow politicians like this to even be on the world stage?

Jersey McJones said...

"Is Hillary that dishonest and gutless to recognize that we could reduce gun violence significantly by demanding that the thugs street gang and yes illegal immigrants who are responsible for most of these crime in this country be disarmed first?"

It's always what has to be done "first" wit you cons. Tell me, how exactly do we disarm all these people? Hard-line rhetoric?


Lisa E. said...

The guy talking says America ignores its own laws and shreds the constitution and doesn't give any proof of the shredding. America didn't "dismantle" the institution of marriage. when people who love each other are alllowed to marry that's not dismanteling that's building up marriage. More people marrying mearns marriage is increasing, not dismantling. "Legitimizing sexual perversion?" People like Donald Trump "dismantle" and "pervert" marriaage each time he gets a divorce! The nuclear family isn't collapsing, marriage rates are higher and divorce rates are lower than they were 30 years ago. If churches are "empty" in a great country, that's the fault of pastors, not people. If religion was giving people the support and spirtual help they needed, the chuirches wouldn't be emppty but the mega churches are only interested in making their pastors rich. Schools overun by feminists? What a crock of b.s. People are not "ripped to shreds" for having an differing opinion. If that was true, this blog wouldn't exist.Joe has been hating on and ripping to shreds Mr. Obama since he day he got into office, and nothinh happened to this blog. this whole video is mainly about sexual issues in a great country, not once does he talk about feeding the hungry, helping the sick and the poor and he screeams that a great couuntry shouldn't have vote for Mr. Obama twice. Again this whiners says nothing about loving your neighbor or not bearing false witness, which he does in this video. He's part of the problem why this isn't a great country. He exaggerates problems and says nothing that his savior said was important, like loving they neighbor, feeding the poor.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Lisa E.

when people who love each other are alllowed to marry that's not dismanteling that's building up marriage.

Really? Marriage has a definition, and when you change the definition, you've dismantled the real institution in favor of anything goes. By your statement, you cannot deny polygamy or polyandry. Nor can you deny a mother marrying her adult son, or a father marrying his adult daughter, or a brother marrying a sister. Or a brother marrying a brother or a sister marrying a sister! Nor can you deny a 30-year old man from marrying a 12-year-old girl (in countries where 12 is age is consent). In fact, there is no union which you can logically deny once you've said perversion is "marriage."

Your diatribe is standard leftist non-thinking regurgitation.

Lisa E. said...

"Marriage has a definition:"

Yes. and here it is:

" Merriam-Webster Dictionary
noun mar·riage \ˈmer-ij, ˈma-rij\
: the relationship that exists between a husband and a wife

: a similar relationship between people of the same sex

: a ceremony in which two people are married to each other"

"By your statement, you cannot deny polygamy or polyandry."

That would have to be rulled on by the individual states and then the SCOTUS, just like it was for sjame sex marrage. And it CAN be denied if a majority wants to. But a majority of Americans 60%+ approve of same sex marriage.

"Nor can you deny a mother marrying her adult son, or a father marrying his adult daughter, or a brother marrying a sister. Or a brother marrying a brother or a sister marrying a sister!"

That's incest and against the law and it would wipe out any family that practiced it because of the bad genes it would pass on.Any idiot knows that.

"Nor can you deny a 30-year old man from marrying a 12-year-old girl (in countries where 12 is age is consent)."

That would be statuitory rape and a 12-year old girl can't give Consent to an adult man! We're talking about the U.S. not other countries unless you think you should control what other countries do!

In fact, there is no union which you can logically deny once you've said perversion is "marriage."

There are all kinds of unions that can be denfied legally--allowing a 12-year old girl to marry a 30 year old man for one oviously don't know You can't control what happens in India where this does happen. you can't marry your box turtle or your lawnmower or dog. you can't marry something or someone that can't legally give its or her consent. Wherepve you been all your life. read a book and learn something.

"Your diatribe is standard leftist non-thinking regurgitation."

And your answeer is based on ignorance and superstition and hatred for something you don't know. you people s[end too much time worryoing about what people do with their private parts.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You point to a dictionary definition from a new leftist piece of propaganda written AFTER same-sex fake marriage was invented. Noah Webster is spinning in his grave.

Webster’s 1828: The act of uniting a man and a woman for life; wedlock; the legal union of a man and a woman for life. Marriage is a contract both civil and religious, by which the parties engage to live together in mutual affection and fidelity, till death shall separate them. Marriage was instituted by God himself for the purpose of preventing the promiscuous intercourse of the sexes, for promoting domestic felicity, and for securing the maintenance and education of children..

THAT was the definition for the past 2000 years at least. And whether someone wants to call same-sex unions a “marriage” doesn’t change the fact of what real marriage is, any more than calling a circle a square makes the circle a square.

Your statement that 60% of Americans approve of same-sex fake marriage is a bogus, made-up statistic. But let’s stay it’s correct - the majority is no proof of morality or truth. The majority of the South accepted slavery - did that make it right and moral?

Incest is against the law? OH, so what is legal is what you are okay with? Homosexual behavior used to be against the law, and same-sex marriage was against the law everywhere until activist judges FORCED it by judicial fiat. Legal doesn’t make moral or right. What logical reason can you deny incestuous unions? What moral reason can you deny them? At least (other than brother/brother, sister/sister) they are biologically NATURAL!

Oh, so YOU arbitrarily decide that a country who says a 12-year-old can consent to sex really can’t and that it is statutory rape? (Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Zimbabwe). There are just as many who allow 13-year-old to consent. IN the USA there are states which allow 14 to consent. WHO ARE YOU to decide the law? And so if another country says so, it’s okay with you as long as it isn’t the USA? And who said we were talking about the USA anyway - I made a general statement, and the morality is general, not located just in the USA.

Who says you can’t marry what doesn’t give consent? By what moral law can you make that demand? Your opinion? Based on what standard. And drop the “marriage” idea, and just stick to sexual relations. If homosexual relations are okay, then why not bestiality? Consent isn’t needed for that if the animal doesn’t have to consent to be a pet or to be used for testing or to be used for food. And zoophiles claim the animals enjoy the experience - who are you to deny them that “love”?? By what moral standard?

My statements are based on decades of studying social issues, so there is no ignorance on may part — only on yours. I have no superstition, and the only thing I hate is that which causes harm to people (including what God calls “sin”), and homosexual behavior causes EXTREME physical, medical, and psychological harm. Try studying the issue a wee bit instead or regurgitating leftist sound bites.

I don’t worry what people do with their private parts. What I “worry” about is those people FORCING us normal and sane people to either accept what they do or be punished by fines, jail, loss of job, loss of business, loss of homes, etc. There is no tolerance at all with homosexualists.

Lisa E. said...

"What I “worry” about is those people FORCING us normal and sane people to either accept what they do or be punished by fines'

No ones forcing you to "accept" anything they do. You can continue to use the Bible to escuse the hate in your heart you just can't, no longer use that for bigotry. You seem to be pissed off because gay people have won the right to be treated like everyone else in stead of second=class Americans. that's the real definition of intolerance.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Lisa, you are such a liar.

Your ilk only says "HATE," because you HATE the truth so truth sounds like hate. NO one hates the "gays." NO ONE. But you lie when you say we aren't forced to accept them. It isn't bigotry, by the way to no want to be a part of someone's deviant lifestyle by being force to photographed a fake wedding, or provide a cake for a fake wedding, etc. When you participate in a wedding you are giving tacit approval for it. When you help provide for a wedding, you are approving it. NO ONE ever treated "gays" any different than anyone else. It is the "gays" who identify themselves by their sexuality rather than their humanity.

SO why do the "gays" never go to a Muslim bakery for a wedding cake? Because the homosexual agenda from the beginning has been to destroy marriage and family as institutions (read their books), and to make Christianity virtually illegal. They are afraid of Muslims, so Christians are easy targets.

But notice that when "gay" ("gay" because there is nothing "gay" about their lifestyle - just another redefinition of a word) bakers are asked to make a cake with words that support REAL marriage, they refuse with no action by the law -- talk about discrimination. So should "gays" be forced provide services for a party at Westboro Baptist cult which includes banners saying "God hates fags"? If the "gays" don't want to do it, does that make THEM the hateful bigots? Two different standards of you people, isn't there? Blacks should be forced to provide services for the KKK meetings? IF they don't then they are hateful bigots.

You and your ilk are all about whining about being "offended," and everyone has to kow-tow to those who are offended UNLESS the offended person is Christian and then it's just tough beans -- DO IT OR BE PUNISHED. No tolerance for others' beliefs - just Gaystapo tactics to force everyone to capitulate, and of course YOU ascribe emotions (hate and bigotry) to people who have neither hate nor are bigots. But name-calling and marginalization of them is the only weapon you have because you hate the truth.

YOU don't know the meaning of the word "tolerance." And that is a fact.

Jill said...

Glenn let me be the first one to say that you are completely ou of line with your rant that you have addressed to Lisa.
You are also cometety off base with your false and may I add stupid opinion on this subject .
So why don't you take it to the Progressive's blog where that Garbage belongs!
And further you can file it where the Sun don't shine.

Winnie said...

A black will never say “ALL LIVES MATTER”! Or POLICE LIVES MATTER”! Only BLACK lives matter! What these politicians did to our police forces is pathetic. The police cannot uphold the law in fear of a lawsuit or jail. Then these same politicians want to take away our guns leaving us as open targets for these criminals . Then we have cities like NYC changing their laws to satisfy these hoodlums. An example taking away “Stop & Frisk” which is now backfiring because crime is going up. We also have a bias President who caused this division, starting with the Cambridge Massachusetts case with that nutty black professor Henry Louis Gates and Obama going against the police saying they “Acted Stupidly”. We also had to put up with that racist pig in the DOJ Eric {CONTEMPT} Holder. This is how we ended up in this turning point with blacks against the police, because our Gov’t condones it.

Jill said...

Breaking, and if you can't believe it as I couldn't, check it out , it's true.

Obama threatened to take military action against Israel not to let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attack Iran.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Please explain where I was out of line correcting Lisa's nonsense.

Pease explain how what I said was a "rant."

Please explain how anything I stated even comes close to "progressive" ideology (since I'm as conservative as they come).

Please explain how what I said was "garbage.'

And please explain how your last line was even close to being polite and why it wasn't "out of line.

You made a lot of assertions with no facts.

Jill said...

I don't think that I want to bother

Jill said...

And PS talking about being polite, calling someone a "liar" is far from being polite.

Sick of Liberal's and Progressive's said...

How can America’s leaders, in good conscience, negotiate in good faith with an enemy they cannot trust, an enemy that defiantly shouts for America’s death in the highest councils of government, has been complicit in killing or maiming thousands of Americans, and gives up nothing of value in return for a clear path to a nuclear weapon and nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles?

IMO said...

If you are pal of sharption and obama and are black you seem to get away with this Crap, racest talk.if a white man said kill the blacks they would be in prison. Where is the equality of "we the people" does not seem the white people have any rights with obama in power .the good blacks need to take action and take back thier dignity. Thier are now no white slave owners alive the last one died 400 years ago , its been over a long time get over it

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You don't want to bother because you have no defense. And calling someone a "liar" isn't impolite if that is what they are.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go to Shaw's Progressive Shit House , you'd be more welcomed there. Jerkoff

Anonymous said...

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