Thursday, November 20, 2014

Can't Wait Until Tonight, Can You?


Z said...

wow..whoever thought we'd have to call a sitting president a stinking liar? And to think he's a 'constitutional scholar'...I shudder to think what he taught his students. Or maybe I don't have to think...I know.
Are NONE of the networks or CNN or MSNBC showing these videos? Don't they SEE what a liar he's become?
All presidents lie, but this guy wrote the BIG BOOK ON LYING.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Thanks for the preview of tonight's speech. I'll be at a basketball game and won't be able to hear it.

Joe said...

Z: " Don't they SEE what a liar he's become?"

They see it. They are on his side, agenda-wise. The only thing that matters to the media is their agenda and money. We can't change their agenda, but we could affect their pocketbook if we wanted to.

sh: You will not miss much. We already know what he is going to do.

I feel sorry for people who go through the entire immigration process legally, don't you? They could just as easily just come into the U.S. and skip the paperwork and the learning.

Lisa said...

he said people wanted him to bypass congress? I think it was him all along who wanted that.
I don't know who infuriates me more,him or the drones who are programmed to clap on command

Joe said...

Lisa: "he said people wanted him to bypass congress?"

He concluded exactly the opposite of what the people said. It is his agenda, and he will accomplish it with or without the people or Congress.

Don't look for national elections to take place in November 2016, or if they do it will be because Obama has been impeached, convicted, indicted for criminal activity and jailed.

Lisa said...

yep he's reeling from the election Joe. He is tryng to prove he is still relevant