Monday, September 22, 2014


This Is Not Alledged Vio-
lence...It Is felony Violence
Ray Rice should be in jail. Roger Goodell should be left alone.

Ray Rice committed a crime. Roger Goodell did not commit a crime.

I heard a lady (yes, as unbelievable as it sounds...a lady) in an interview the other day almost crying because she thought Ray Rice should be given a "second chance." A second chance? To do what? To slug a woman again? He should be incarcerated awaiting trial.

Goodell, on the other hand, should not even be in the picture. He is not Ray Rice's conscience. He is not responsible for Ray Rice.

"But," you say, "The punishment he doled out was insufficient. Yes, it was. The punishment should have been doled out by the justice system and Ray Rice should be in jail. The NFL had absolutely nothing to do with what Ray Rice did. They are his employer, not his baby sitter.

If I slugged one of my co-workers (most of whom are women), where do you think I'd be? I'd be in jail and without a job. That where Ray Rice should be.

We've not heard a word from NOW, or NAACP or any other liberal organization about the atrocity to a woman or the fact that Ray Rice is a Black person. We have not heard the liberal press speaking out against what he did. We have only heard that Roger Goodell is somehow complicit in this incident. Hog-ever-lovin'-blue-eyed-wash!

When are we going to get our priorities straight as a nation? The answer is, of course, we are not. Our priorities have been deliberately changed little-by-little until they are almost unrecognizable. We demonstrate every day that mankind is totally depraved. It happens on a small scale at the office or at the bridge club and it happens nationally, as well as world wide.

Ray Rice should be in jail. Roger Goodell should be allowed to get on with his job as NFL Commissioner.

The End


Z said...

I'm really torn on this one. While what Rice did is contemptible, and there IS proof, his wife did not press charges, they've been in apparently successful therapy now for 3 months and bringing this all up now to feed a media frenzy is sad and wrong. TMZ got a lot of publicity at the cost of the Rice marriage, which seems to be making it.
Just the thought that a MAN could hurt a woman that badly is despicable, but I've never heard what his NFL contract said..if it says nothing about morality clauses, this is up to the police, not the team, not the NFL, not TMZ, and not us.

Although it makes me physically sick to see her lying on the ground straddling the elevator floor and the outside floor like that..I still think it's a private matter.
Here's where I'm conflicted: Is RICE getting therapy to figure out HOW a man can be that brutal to a woman and ensure he won't do it again?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well said, Joe, well said!

Lisa said...

yep so it isn't about race this time or is it? 'Let's go after the rich white man',not the black guy who could have killed his fiancée with that punch.

Sarcastic, Selfish, Obnoxious, Violent, Offensive, Arrogant, Discourteous, Inconsiderate, Nasty , and Insensitive. said...

And these Football fanatics, or should I say IDIOTS supporta man who cold-cocks a woman and then drags her away!
All for the love of the Game!

How Pathetic.

sue hanes said...

Joe - You are so right. Why isn't Ray Rice in jail?

Joe said...

Z: I cannot understand a woman who would allow herself to be punched like what it looked like in the video and stay with the man. I just don't understand.

GEC: Thank you.

Lisa: It really has nothing to do with race. Had it been a white man slugging his girlfriend/wife like that, I'd have him put in jail, too.

SSOVOADINI: It's hard to digest, isn't it?

sh: We agree on that one!

Lisa said...

I know Joe but the media did by not calling for Rice's arrest but calling for the commissioner to step down. That's just how I see it