Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Ask Again: How Many Will It Take?

Another Government System
Bites the Dust
The administration of the leader of the free world, the Commander in Chief, the most intelligent person to have ever held that office, the supreme orator just can’t get his act together.

Did you hear about the failure of the rollout of the ObamaCare web site? Did you hear about the loss of Emails by the IRS? Did you hear about government computers being hacked by foreign interests? Did you hear about the government using its computers to spy on Americans?  Did you hear about the VA having hidden tens of thousands of appointments, depriving veterans of their right to adequate healthcare (ironic in the age of ObamaCare, don’t you think?)?

Well, that’s just not enough to declare him incompetent, is it? If there was maybe one more item to add to the list, he might be teetering on the brink of incompetence, right?

Now we learn that after spending $300 million on a brand new computer system to handle Social Security disability claims, they can’t get it to work and have no time line for when it might be workable!

“In the meantime, people filing for disability claims face long delays at nearly every step of the process — delays that were supposed to be reduced by the new processing system.” It turns out that this massive technology had no coordinator in charge, no one responsible for completing the project.

Social Security Acting Commissioner, Carolyn Colvin, facing confirmation by the Senate after being nominated by Obama for a six year term, cannot explain what is happening with the system’s completion. Her appointed assistant, Terrie Gruber, cannot explain what is happening with the system’s completion.

The troubled computer project is known as the Disability Case Processing System, or DCPS. It was supposed to replace 54 separate, antiquated computer systems used by state Social Security offices to process disability claims. As envisioned, workers across the country would be able to use the system to process claims and track them as benefits are awarded or denied and claims are appealed.
But as of April, the system couldn't even process all new claims, let alone accurately track them as they wound their way through the Disability Case Processing System (DCPS) system. Of course, just a few more millions of dollars will help Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor, will enable them to fix the system.
You know what? I don’t think we can wait for more things to go wrong before we proclaim President BO (the amateur president) to be an incompetent Administrator in Chief.
I think he justifies every day my decision to call him an amateur president.


Duckys here said...

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.

sue hanes said...

Joe - You are right. All of these things gives you the right to delcare President Obama the amateur president. (Did I spell amateur right?) But he has to keep hanging in there. He's got a ways to go yet.

Joe said...

Ducky: (Raspberry!)

sh: Yes, he does...if he makes it.