Monday, March 3, 2014

Joe Biden, Genius VP - Say It Ain't So Joe

Then There's this:  VP Tries To Sell Obamacare

To .. Canada?


Xavier Onassis said...

I'm sorry, was there a point to that?

I don't recall seeing any actual facts or links to facts.

Let me look again,

Nope! Absolutely nothing.

Why did you waste our time?

Lone Ranger said...

Can you imagine how the media would treat Biden if he were a Republican?

Oh, you don't have to imagine it. Just remember how they treated Dan Quayle.

As for wasting time, we certainly are doing that when we read XO's remarks, which contain no actual facts, just vicious, juvenile personal attacks. Apparently, he equates being an abusive jerk with being intelligent.

Joe said...

XO: I didn't waste your time. You came here of your own accord.

LR: Dan Quayle was ten times smarter than Joe Biden.

Aw...give XO a break. He has allowed himself to be persuaded by his liberal peer group to act like a fool. He can't be blamed. It's someone else's fault.

Craig said...

I'm someone, somewhere has been "harmed" by Obamacare. Why is it that the "victims" that are trotted out by Republicans and Americans for Prosperity have all their stories debunked?

It's not that those people are liars, they've been fed a pack of lies by opponents of ACA. Google 'obamacare horror stories', see what you find. The debunkings are too numerous for me to link to, but here's a few. Here or here or here.

As for the people claiming their hours have been cut, the small business mandate doesn't kick in for another year. Or, on closer inspection, it turns out they work for a co. with fewer than 50 employees. Occam's razor says the likliest explanation is, their employers are diks.

Can you imagine how the media would treat Biden if he were a Republican?

OMG!!! Biden couldn't identify a Canadian citizen, in Arizona, by just looking at her!!! LOL!!! WHAT A BUFFOON!!!

Really? That's all you got? If she was one of them brown skins, he might have known she was one them thar illegals. Papers please.

Craig said...


I'm sure someone, somewhere...

sue hanes said...

Joe - So - he didn't know she was from Canada. Can't blame a guy for a mistake like that. Maybe she'll move here and then he will be ok with it.

Duckys here said...

All those Canadians look the same.

Anonymous said...

So do rappers

Lisa said...

Joe wasn't saying about Biden identifying a Canadian,it was about him being a buffoon....again.
He's telling her to sign up healthcare without him even asking her if she already had any. Do it for your parent's piece of mind.
If she was in a wheelchair he would have asked her to stand up.
What a buffoon.
What a team him and Obama are. Class acts,both